ETMD Presentation

Dear Colleagues,

Our professional activities and studies within our association continue at full speed.

We have met many times with our Advisory Board, which has never spared their support. I would like to share with you the highlights of our meetings, where valuable opinions and suggestions emerged;

An important title; Professional Ethics. The truth is that our current professional ethics is the work of us who have interpreted and applied moral and legal rules before today. In line with the inevitability of development and change that already exists in the nature of us engineers, we believe that it is a priority in our work to undertake the task of creating ethics in this sector, by renewing, making innovation continuous, taking into account the practices of every main subject in our sector. Raising our profession and industry to the levels they deserve is one of the main activities that our association and all our colleagues will carry out together.

Our Project and Design engineer colleagues, who are the beginning of Plumbing Engineering in practice, have various expectations for the good and the right. We should be able to finalize these expectations in a consensus and put them into practice beyond wishes. We must carry the project and design services to the correct and applicable standards and enable them to be applied in the same way by all parties.

Experiences, knowledge and experience. It is very important to share these values, which make us who we are and make the difficult easy, with our colleagues. For this purpose, it is our engineering and civic duty to encourage and develop professional publications, especially to transfer our experience and knowledge to our young colleagues. We must record and publish these treasures of knowledge and experience of our colleagues. Please share them with us.

Our production standards need to be improved. We should harmonize our standards with international norms, and we should work on “producing standards”.

We must establish the control and supervision mechanism in every field and operate it without compromise.

Our universities are our future. Our support for our students continues. However, it is not enough. There is much we can do about this. On the other hand, the relevant departments meet our academic and technical information requests, and their support continues uninterruptedly. We wish to further develop our cooperation and speed up our work to be implemented in the sector.

Achieving the result is possible with the unpredictable and wholehearted participation of our colleagues. It takes effort, it takes effort. Your contribution to our work will be very valuable for us, our industry and our country. We are grateful to those who contributed to what was done and what was not done yesterday. It is essential that we take our place in every new born day and make plans for tomorrow. Please share with us your opinions and suggestions that will contribute to our profession. Share it so we can get even faster to reach the levels we need to reach. When we’re together, we engineers can achieve anything. For this reason, we specifically ask for your support. Be a part of our work and services to bring our profession and our industry to the level it deserves. Believe that being a part of the solution always gives happiness.

Best regards.


Chairman of the Board of the Electrical Installation Engineers Association