Purpose and Vision

If we want to express our association’s point of view on only four of the issues that the Electrical Installation Engineers Association (ETMD) deals with;

Project and Design

The electrical application starts with the whole of the documents that are expected to be implemented by determining the framework with the drawings, descriptions, examples and rules approved by the relevant parties, designed within the engineering structure to meet the demanded need, material and solution selections are made.

If this beginning, which we call the project and design phase, is done properly, applicable, in line with the technologies of the future and within the framework of standards, the resulting work will be extremely healthy in terms of engineering and extremely satisfying from the point of view of the consumer.

Material Quality

The quality of the materials used in Electrical Installation Engineering is much more important than the products used in other engineering branches in terms of the construction of the work and the safety of the consumer. There is a high risk of warping in low quality products that need to be touched, and fire hazards in invisible plaster or buried products. In electrical materials, the price difference between the quality product and the poor quality product to be accepted is around 10% in total, and the reflection of this 10% on the construction cost does not exceed 0.85% (8.5 per thousand). Indicates that it is and should not be taken.

Electrical Installation Applications must be made by trained, authorized, competent and technically qualified persons. It is obligatory to perform the works carried out in dozens of topics including panel assembly, motor installation and connections, interior installation, industrial installation, measurement and control, HV, MV, LV works, which we can count. This obligation is a serious requirement to ensure the safety of the rest, as it will relieve all users.

Control and Inspection
It is inevitable to pay a price in auspicious approaches such as trust preventing control. It is necessary to supervise, control and record every stage of the above-mentioned issues. Approved documents such as regulations and specifications required for this are the guide of installation engineering. These guides have to be compatible with today’s conditions and be up-to-date.

Two main negative events that can be experienced if ignored; ;


Considering the average of the 2012-2016 five-year period, it has been observed that 42.9% of the fires in the first three ranks were caused by smoking, 21.5% by electrical contact and 6.3% by intention. (IBB Fire Department 2017 statistics, http://itfaiye.ibb.gov.tr/)

Work accident

In terms of the way the occupational accident occurs; Falling from a height (23.8%) took the first place, followed by electric shock (21.4%) and being under a dent (5.1%). (Journal of Forensic Medicine 2005; 19(3): 29-36)

Since non-technical reasons are out of the question, the fires that cause loss of life and property caused by the generally expressed “Electrical Contact” rise above 42%. Work accidents caused by “electricity” are at a similar rate.

As can be seen from these statistics, Electricity can be both a driving force in our lives and a destructive force if not managed and controlled.

Our ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION ENGINEERS ASSOCIATION , which gathers engineers who design, produce, implement and inspect the points where this power meets the users, started its activities on February 22, 2000 as an independent Non-Governmental Organization that strives with the support of fully participating engineers and companies.

In order to implement the progress and development of Electrical Installation Engineering and professional practices at the least acceptable level; It is aimed to make studies and develop programs for the development of Electrical Installation Engineering and Engineering Institutions together by making use of Academic, Technical, Public and Sector resources with technological developments .

Our association aims to make today and tomorrow safe, all our living and non-living values ​​in terms of Electrical Engineering, and to prepare our industry and profession for the future in a sustainable way. For this reason, it organizes workshops, trainings and seminars on related issues, works to increase the knowledge and share experiences of our engineers and other stakeholders in our sector with technical books and various publications, and wants their studies to be continuous.

We have started the “Corporate” membership as of June 25, 2018 with the aim of increasing the geographical prevalence in a way that will reach the whole of our sector by accelerating our projects that are planned but still waiting to be implemented in addition to the projects we are carrying out.

We are aware of the responsibility we have undertaken, and we are excited that all that has been done and will be done while carrying out these works is for our own family and society, for the future of our country and our industry.

We invite you, our esteemed colleagues and the most valuable institutions of our industry, to become members, individually or institutionally, to serve our families and our society, to transfer our values ​​to future generations and to work together for this purpose.

Do not forget that we do better things together, we will have the honor and pride of building a healthy future together consciously, without compromising technology, science and science .

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